Block Island Times

Update from Medical Center

The Block Island Medical Center shared the following update on Friday, July 3:
Many of you have expressed concern that there was no public notice from the Medical Center regarding 2 individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 and had connections to the Island.
Both of the individuals were tested on the mainland and never visited the Block Island Medical Center. It was while conducting contact tracing that the Department of Health (DOH) discovered their travel to the island. The DOH did not find any associated positive cases with either of the individuals.
Typically, a person’s primary care physician and the DOH are the only entities (other than the individual) that would be notified of a positive test result, and for this reason the Medical Center was not made aware of the results initially.
The DOH alerted Dr. Warcup to the results late in the day on Wednesday, July 1st. Because of the unique circumstances and crowded nature of Block Island in the summer, the DOH will alert Dr. Warcup immediately if any Covid-19 positive individuals are found to have travelled to Block Island. In turn, the Medical Center will inform the public through the Town Council, Block Island

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