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Update on cable project

The following message was posted by Facilities Manager Sam Bird:
Certainly everyone has noticed the Global Symphony has arrived and is off Crescent Beach to perform cable pulling, splicing and removal operations.
As part of the work involved there will be substantial excavation on the beach to remove portions of the old cable. For the sake of safety these excavations will require the beach be closed to walkers and dogs, etc. The first closure will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week (March 23, 24 and 25). This timing will be subject to slight modification depending on conditions encountered. The Contractors have strict safety protocols in place so please be respectful of all posted warnings and barricades. The beach disruption will be short and the beach will be fully restored following the work. Feel free to enjoy the rest of the beach!
Boaters are also advised to maintain 1,500 feet of standoff clearance from the Global Symphony as she conducts underwater operations.
Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.
Sam BirdFacilities ManagerTown of New Shoreham

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