Block Island Times

Utility Board juggles projects

The Block Island Utility District continues to move forward advancing in-progress projects and considering some entirely new ones. At the Board of Commissioners meeting on Thursday, Jan. 16, there was certainly a lot to discuss.
Ongoing matters included giving the go-ahead to get PUC approval for long term debt for the purchase of a spare transformer for the substation and the construction of a residence for Block Island Power Company President Jeffery Wright on the vacant lot at the corner of Beach and Ocean Avenues. Wright said that 90 percent of the debt service for the housing would be paid for by the rent he would pay, in the proposed amount of $1800 per month.
The commissioners also approved final revisions to a new lease for Hull Suburban Propane, which has been a tenant on the Block Island Power Company’s property for many years, but whose initial lease ran out approximately 10 years ago.
Under the old lease, Hull Suburban, owned by Peter McNerney, occupied office space in BIPCo’s office building, along with an area in the back of the property. Under the new agreement, McNerney will give up its

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