Block Island Times

Volleyball season ends in nail-biter

Tears flowed following a heartbreaking edge-of-your seat, state semifinal volleyball game that was universally praised as a dilly of a match-up between Rogers High School of Newport and Block Island’s Hurricanes, with the host ‘Canes, losing out in the final two points of the marathon match on Saturday, May 1.At one point Rogers Athletic Director Jim Cawley turned to supporters with a huge grin and said: “Isn’t this terrific, these teams are just leaving their hearts on the floor. What an effort.”In fact, over the course of the five-set match, the Rogers bench did not sit down once on the sideline as emotions on both teams were palpable. Everyone knew what was at stake with every nerve racking serve.One point alone lasted over 40 back-and-forth touches, featuring blistering kills, diving saves inches from the floor, backwards saves that left both teams’ fans with see-sawing back and forth gasps of emotion. On one kill during the match, the volleyball actually exploded, surely a first for almost everyone in the gym.The Roger’s team included last year’s first team All State star, Sophie Breitenbach and the ‘Canes matched her talent with Rhode Island’s player of the year, Savannah Brown, with both

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