Volunteers clean up beach after July 4 party

After the Fourth of July long weekend, the Town Council opened its meeting with public comment. Surprisingly, there were no call-ins about mopeds, or drunken tourists, or Fourth of July mayhem.
Some members of the public had already made their comments known, however.“We received texts about the beach,” First Warden Andre Boudreau stated. “Some of them were nasty.”On Sunday, July 4, the beach below the Ocean View Pavilion became quite crowded with young people, many of whom were drinking and partying. While some hyperbolic reports put the number of attendees at the beach party in the thousands, Chief Matt Moynihan told the council it was in excess of 500.
“We need to look at some other options,” Moynihan said, describing the narrow trail used to access the beach as not adequate for emergency use. He informed the council that he and Town Manager Maryanne Crawford would be meeting with the Land Trust to discuss the issue.“It limits our ability to enforce any type of public drinking, underage drinking, drinking on the beach, and more importantly, to respond in a timely manner to an emergency out there; it will be an ongoing discussion and I hope to have an

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