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Water and Sewer looking at cuts across the board

With water and sewer flows expected to be dramatically reduced for this upcoming summer season, the Water and Sewer Companies are also having to adjust their fiscal year appropriations accordingly.
Finance Director Amy Land and Assistant Finance Director Mona Helterline projected that water usage is expected to drop by about 50 percent and sewer flows are expected to decrease about 30 percent.
Projecting out for the 2021 fiscal year budget, this means user fee revenues for the water department will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $291,000 for 2021, when this year user fees are expected to bring in about $482,000 for the year ending June 30.
User fees for the sewer company are projected to be about $848,000 for next year, while this year those fees will bring in just over $1.1 million.
The members of the Water and Sewer Commissions discussed these numbers at their meeting on Tuesday, May 26, and mulled over the impact the figures will have on operations, salaries, and projects. While the water company had already included a 12.5 percent increase to user fees, in part because of the $2.3 million water main project on High Street, the members also requested that

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