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Water and Sewer numbers come in strong for August

The good news coming out of the Water and Sewer Commissions meeting on Monday, Sept. 21, is that billings for the month of August came in far better than anyone had predicted.
Assistant Finance Director Mona Helterline provided the numbers. The Water Department billed just 14 percent less than it had in 2019. The Sewer Company billed 18 percent less than it had in August of 2019.
“All in all, happy to say that September will be another telling month,” said Helterline. “I hope the numbers stay strong.”
Helterline said that both departments will be billing over-usage penalties in September, as well.
“I was surprised to see the flow as close as it was to the prior year,” said Wastewater Treatment Plant Supt. Dylan Chase. “We didn’t have those high peaks on the weekends, however much of the week was pretty much the same as the previous year.”
Chase said that “very little rainfall combined with a good amount of sun made for our revenue to be in a better place.”
The bulk of the conversation at the meeting was about two projects and a special allocation for water use at the yet-to-be-built employee housing project for The

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