Block Island Times

What is a mother?

Maia McQueeny: My mom is kind to me. She is pretty. She likes to wear black and white. She has pretty dresses. She is the best mother ever. I tell her that I love her every day! She loves me. She tells me that I’m the best daughter a mother could ever ask for. She likes it when I make the bed because she doesn’t really care for that. Mothers take care of their children by cooking healthy food like shrimp scampi and I love her chicken. I do know that she puts a bunch of food around it with olive oil. It’s so good … I had it last night. I like going for walks with her and we look for things in nature. On special occasions, she will buy us a special toy … I think at Stop and Shop. She is thoughtful and kind to us.
Cora Casey: Well, I love her and she loves me. I know she loves me because she cares about me. She takes good care of me by cooking dinner and making me good food that is healthy. I really love the way she cooks tortellini with soup inside it.

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