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What Is A Mother?

Essays from Mrs. Hart’s kindergarten class:
My mother looks good like me but she has blond hair and great clothes.  She has good shorts.  They are so pretty.  She looks happy and cool. She always helps us clean up. And she lets me use grown up scissors to make projects for Mrs. Hart. She always makes us cakes for after dinner. But no chocolate or cranberries! She makes chocolate pops too. She is always careful about the oven so we don’t get another fire. We like to go on adventure trails and paths. She packs us lunch or snacks like  “Pa” bread (he is my grandfather) and raspberries and strawberries. In the nighttime we always watch “The Deep” (TV series) and eat popcorn.
Hannah Potts Land 
She is really busy at work. She doesn’t really tell me, but mostly she is always on the computer.  She does a lot of writing on paper, too. Mothers help children brush their teeth, tie their shoes, get dressed for school, and they bring you to nice places. I like to go to the Red Roof House with my whole family. That is special family time. She mostly wears black clothes. She always wears a bun in her hair.  She’s lovely.  She always makes her bed!  Mom mostly does the cooking. She makes great mac and cheese. I think she loves me because she always hugs me, especially right before school. She thinks I’m a terrific student. 
Ethan Franca Rich 
She is really great at making my food like rice and beans. She makes great pizza and she is a really good baker. Mothers feed their children good food because they need to be healthy. She takes wonderful care of me. She tells me I’m her beautiful boy.  I feel happy about her because she’s my mom. I tell her I love her on Mondays and Fridays.
Maria Rodriquez
Mothers cook and make sure you have healthy food and plenty of water every day. Apples and bananas that she squishes are good. She has black hair and brown eyes like me. I think she is so beautiful and I think I look just like her! We like to play with my dolls and do fun things. I think she feels good about me because I’m a nice kid.  That means thoughtful, always good manners, and do good sharing with other people.
Mia Marie Millikin
My mommy is a very sweet mommy to me.  I know that because she helps us with things and she lets us cook with her. We make cookies, pancakes, and French toast. She gives us healthy food so we can stay healthy. She has a big, beautiful smile and she has beautiful eyes and she is very pretty. She loves me because she tells me that. I say “I love you mommy” once in a while and I think that’s enough. 
Noble Rhodes Ernst
She gives me nice things like “boy’s day.” That’s when she gives us nice presents and she lets us play with the new toys.
She looks like me but she has a little darkish hair up on top.
I think she is nice to me. That’s it. 
Daysha Swanson 
I like to help my mom with baby Elaina. I like to snuggle with her and I like to cook with her. We make beans. She is pretty and she has pretty clothes. She is nice. She feels good about me because I am maybe a nice kid. 
Madelynn Ava Walsh 
My mother always has time to play with me. We like Uno and Fox. 
She has brown hair and she likes to have lipstick on. She always looks nice and beautiful.  Mothers take care of their children by giving them healthy fruit before the chips. I think she thinks I’m sweet.  
That means being nice, kind, responsible, and positive.


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