Will you, Julie…?

The following was submitted by reader Ross Mannuzza:
The General Manager of The National Hotel, Julie Fuller, was in on it the whole time. I’m a long-time customer, and I was going to propose to Julie Schwartz (of Newtown, Conn.) right in front of the hotel.
The photographer was Patrick O’Leary, who graciously accepted the assignment moments earlier, stating “it’s an honor to do this for true love.” He was a true sport and gentleman.
So right before the parade came marching around the corner, in front of our children; Brooke (26) of Vacaville, Calif.,, Blake (24) of Pittsburgh, Penn., Cole (21) of Los Angeles, Calif., and Grant (19) of Morgantown, West Virginia, and right there on the double yellow line in between The National Hotel and The Surf Hotel on the corner under the American Flag, I dropped to one knee professed my love and proposed to Julie Schwartz at her happiest place on earth: Block Island. 
She said yes! The crowd erupted with congratulations!
Then a big family hug was swept up in the parade that carried them back to the Parade Luncheon at the National.
It was a great 2018 parade!


Block Island Times Article

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