Window renovation project approved at Champlin’s

The Historic District Commission held a special meeting on Thursday, March 11 to consider an application by the new owners of Champlin’s Marina and Resort off West Side Road (Plat 19, Lot 5 and 6) to replace windows and portions of siding on several structures on the property. At their February meeting, members of the HDC said they wanted to do a site visit to see where the windows would be, exactly, and also to see a sample of the siding.
Project Executive Mark Banfield explained: “It’s the units down by the water – the gaming building and the backside of the buildings,” said Banfield. “The windows are in bad shape, leaking on the inside. Siding was failing horribly.”
Banfield wants to use an Andersen model for the replacement windows, and a polymer material for the new siding.
“Whatever you approve on the replacement, when we replace the other windows [on the property], we will replace them with the exact same windows,” said Banfield. “Eventually the property will be in conformity.”
The consensus of the board was that the windows were acceptable, but not the polymer siding. They wanted white cedar shingles, “as opposed to the siding being

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