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Worker tests positive for COVID-19

UPDATE 7/06/2020: The Medical Center was asked by the Block Island Times if it was able to name the establishment, and we received the following statement:
“Unfortunately, knowing that you were exposed in one establishment does not eliminate the possibility of having been exposed somewhere else just previously, or that you will not be exposed at another establishment. The DOH will make additional information available if it is deemed necessary through their contact tracing. As a medical facility we are keenly aware of privacy concerns and are required to follow HIPAA laws. Additionally, we do not want to create stigma that prevents individuals or establishments from seeking care or testing if they are concerned, this could in fact contribute to additional spread.”
The following update was provided by the Block Island Medical Center this morning, July 6:

Update on COVID-19 July 6, 2020
We regret to inform the public that an individual working on Block Island for the summer has tested positive for COVID-19.The Medical Center received the test result at 8:45 last night and immediately informed the employer and the First Warden.

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