Your package is coming

A recent kerfuffle between and the United States Post Office had Block Islanders worried that their packages might not get delivered, but that is not the case.Amazon has contracts with UPS, FedEx and the Post Office for delivery to consumers and businesses nationally, along with their own fleet of delivery vehicles. In the case of Block Island, they deliver via those entities, which are then contracted with Interstate Navigation to get the packages from Galilee to the island.What concerned some islanders were hearsay, social-media stories that Amazon had circumvented the Post Office and delivered directly to the boat in Galilee via Amazon trucks, where they were rejected for lack of a contract with Interstate Navigation, and sent back. In fact, Amazon was advised to return the shipments to the post office and they would in turn get them to the island, and that is what has happened.Once they arrive on Block Island, Lamb’s Package Service has the Herculean task of de-boxing the pallet loads daily, and then putting them on a growing fleet of trucks to go out all over the island on sometimes impossible-to-navigate dirt paths and roads. The company relies on a savvy group of

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