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Zoning Board approves addition instead of razing

The Zoning Board had a full list of applications to discuss for the night, but had to continue the debate to Wednesday, Oct. 28. The Zoning Board met via telecommunications on Wednesday, Sept. 23.
BI Harborview Partners II, LLC.
Plat 4, Lot 29
The one decision on the agenda for the night was the application submitted by B.I. Harborview Partners II, LLC to demolish an existing kitchen and construct an addition of 32-feet by 40-feet on the east side of the original structure east of Corn Neck Road.
Some of the board members discussed the integrity of the existing structure, and what would happen if the owner decided to demolish the existing structure. Owner Richard Hayes previously mentioned at the Aug. 26 Zoning Board meeting that he wanted to preserve the existing structure, and that issues would arise if the structure were to be demolished, such as repositioning the property’s septic tank. The board members felt an addition would be appropriate for the original structure, rather than to tear down the existing dwelling. They also expressed that if Hayes were to tear down the existing structure, he would have to return to the board. The members also

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