Zoning Board denies Mott appeal

At the Zoning Board of Review meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 5, two matters were discussed, with one appeal being denied and one approved to move forward.
As to the first decision of the evening, Peter and Marea Mott had appealed a cease and desist order issued by Building Official Marc Tillson regarding Mott’s auto repair and towing business that he has been operating out of his home on West Side Road.
Vice Chair Kate Butcher moved to deny the appeal from the Motts, finding the appellants had violated the zoning ordinance, which states no person shall deposit, store, keep or permit “more than two dismantled, junk or abandoned vehicles, unserviceable vehicles, or vehicles legally or physically incapable of being operated, or vehicles that do not display a current safety inspection certificate on the windshield,” outside of a building or structure upon private property.
“Photographic evidence provided by the Building Official showed the appellants had deposited on their property 23 dismantled junk vehicles or abandoned vehicles that do not display current safety inspection certificates in the windshield,” said Butcher.
Butcher said the appellants “have created a junkyard on their

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