Block Island Times

2023 midsummer report from the flats

Like the island overall, clamming seemed to get off to a slow start. But, with the return of sunshine, it is now in full swing.We are seeing a lot of first time clammers. Many are young families with children. Clamming is a great outdoor activity that people of almost any age can partake in. In addition to the Easter egg effect of finding a clam, it offers an opportunity for children to learn about the abundance of marine life that is found on the flats – from the birds, to seashells, and variety of crabs, etc.One of the most popular and abundant marine creatures we see and discuss is the horseshoe crab. The abandoned molted shells pile up in the grass at the northeast edge of the pond. Live ones are found by the thousands, buried in the same substrate as the clams – every size from thumbnail to pie plate. It’s very special when one is found with a tag. By reporting the tag number, you will be told when, where and who tagged it. Some of the horseshoe crabs found here came from as far away

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