Block Island Ghost Tours

Rick Lysik, proprietor of Block Island Ghost Tours, is not a lifelong ghost hunter. He says his brother, David Lysik, who is also a partner in the venture, has always been into paranormal activity, collecting Ouija boards and the like.“But he’s also probably the most skeptical of all of us,” Lysik says, nodding toward the third partner in the ghost-touring business, Holly Herdman, who Lysik says was dragged into it by his brother and him.Lysik said he has always enjoyed taking ghost tours while on vacation in other places, however. With the extensive number of ghost stories he has heard in his twenty years on Block Island, he figured this was the perfect place to launch a ghost tour of their own.Lysik says he has heard a lot of Block Island ghost stories, especially since beginning Block Island Ghost Tours, with people coming “out of the woodwork” to tell him their stories. He said it’s “the people that you wouldn’t expect” to be into ghost stories who provide a lot of the haunted tales.
Lysik and his team sift through all the reports people bring them of ghosts of Native peoples slaughtered on Block Island by settlers, ghosts

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