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Broadband gearing up – register now

So far, it’s the quiet project. It doesn’t have a large boat offshore, as does the cable reburial project, or even quite the splash of the water main replacement, but in many ways the broadband project is the most significant construction project of the year for Block Island.
Island property owners were able to start registering their location for “service drops” several weeks ago on the website, and to date over 1,000 have. That means there are about 700 to go. It’s important to note that registering one’s property for a service drop is not the same thing as actually registering for phone and internet services. (That will come later.) It does, though, assist in the roll-out effort by making it easier for crews to plan their work in a logical and efficient way. Plus, if a property has not been provided with a service drop during the initial roll-out, but chooses to do so in the future, charges will apply.
In most cases, registration will be easy, using the fire number of your home or building as an address. If you encounter problems, email Sertex Customer Service at [email protected]. Those who register their property

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