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Dr. Clark: This is the time to stay vigilant

During an emergency meeting of the Town Council held today, Wednesday, April 1, Dr. Mark Clark recognized that there had been rumors about the presence of the COVID-19 on the island, but stated again that there had been no confirmed cases on Block Island and that “if and when” there is a case, the Medical Center would immediately let people know. “That is not something we would keep a secret,” Clark said.
Clark said the Medical Center had conducted several tests that had negative results. He did say the results of several COVID-19 tests were still pending.
Clark said the fight to keep the virus off the island was at a critical stage. “We are entering the steep part of the curve,” said Clark. “It is increasing exponentially. This should not be alarming. This is what we expected.” There are 488 confirmed cases in the state.
Clark also said that it may be a good idea for people to start wearing surgical masks to prevent the spread of the disease. He said the Centers for Disease Control was set to announce that wearing surgical masks may help prevent the spread of the virus. Clark said the data shows

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