Dr. Warcup: Rising Covid-19 cases causing concerns

The newly-elected Town Council quickly jumped into a discussion on local Covid19 numbers, and how to keep the community safe during a virtual meeting on Monday, Dec. 7.
Block Island Medical Center Director Dr. Tom Warcup presented some grim news: new Covid cases were climbing on the island.
“Today was another difficult day, and I think we are entering a real challenging time for Block Island. Last week, we had approximately 10 new positive Covid-19 cases and today we had four,” said Warcup. He added he has been in touch with a family unit on the island that could potentially add at least another 10 positive Covid-19 cases.
Newly sworn-in First Warden André Boudreau asked Warcup to provide the total number of cases on Block Island since March.
“If the extended families are positive, it would be in the low 40s,” said Warcup.
“Without that, we are still up in the 30s?,” asked Boudreau.
“Yes, high 30s,” said Warcup.
Boudreau asked “Out of that 40, what number would you put on that since October or September?”
“I would say 30 of them are from that point, and 20 of those 40 are in the last 10 days. It’s

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