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Elected officials weigh in on issues

On Wednesday, Oct. 28, the seven candidates running for Town Council were among those who participated in a virtual Candidates’ Night. They faced a multitude of questions from the public, ranging from the broadband project, to climate change, the environment, mopeds, and traffic issues.
On Wednesday morning, Nov. 4, the makeup of the Town Council had been decided. André Boudreau was elected as First Warden over incumbent Ken Lacoste; Sven Risom was elected as Second Warden, and the at-large seats had two new members, Keith Stover and Mark Emmanuelle, with incumbent Martha Ball re-elected.
Here are the positions of the elected councilors on issues facing the town. The conversations have been edited for clarity and length.
Q: There has been a lot of talk of Block Island having a branding issue, and with that my questions are: 1) Do you think there is currently an issue with the way the island is perceived? 2) If elected, how would you look to alter Block Island’s current branding issues?
Martha Ball: I think we have two parallels, and I don’t like the term branding. We have a segment of the summer business community that is promoting their businesses. This summer

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