HDC reviews revised Gables site plan

Newport Collaborative Architects submitted a revised application to the Historic District Commission for the ongoing project The Grove on Thursday, Sept. 3. The application was previously approved, but the applicants approached the board due to the inclusion of a new shed dormer and new fence along the driveway.
The Grove, as the project involving the Gables Inn property is being called, is part of Lark Hotels’ development of its Block Island Beach House resort complex on Dodge Street. Representing the Gables were architect Glenn Gardiner, designer Joanna Grocott, and landscape architect Mark Butler.
HDC member Arlene Tunney asked the applicants “what happened to all the cottages” on the application. Originally, the application had called for other existing cottages on the property but have since been removed from the plans.
”They are gone… I think there was a zoning issue. We are disappointed but at the moment [we are] doing renovation to the barn and other existing cottage,” said Gardiner.
The board directed its attention to the shed dormer, with Chair Bill Penn stating “the shed dormer looks like a blank wall.”
Vice Chair Martha Ball stated she would prefer a two over two window structure on the exterior

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