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Keeping a watchful eye

The Rhode Island Department of Health issued a lengthy statement on Monday, Feb. 24, detailing efforts the state is making in terms of responding to the possible appearance of coronavirus in the state. The Director of Security at Interstate Navigation and co-director of the town’s Emergency Management Agency, Bill McCombe, also said the ferry company was monitoring the situation. (The flu remains much more widespread in the U.S.)
“The Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) is continuing to take extensive preparedness measures locally. These include coordinating closely with other state agencies, community organizations, healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, schools, and colleges and universities, among numerous other partners as a part of readiness planning and to provide education, guidance, and support,” the statement read.
The report also said “there have not been any confirmed cases in Rhode Island,” but added that “it is possible that Rhode Island could have a case in the near future.”
McCombe told The Block Island Times that “we are in consistent communication with the state Department of Health and the Medical Center to monitor the situation.” McCombe said there “were no other public actions being taken at

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