National Guard unit trains island EMTs on COVID testing

A Reaction Force unit of the Rhode Island National Guard based out of Camp Fogarty in East Greenwich came to Block Island to train first responders here on how to properly administer a COVID-19 test.
The members of the Rescue Squad also underwent the test themselves, displaying a variety of emotions and faces as the swab was inserted into a nostril to get the necessary DNA for a result.
The team arrived at the Block Island Airport about 12:30 or so in two helicopters. They brought with them a variety of equipment to administer the tests. The National Guard unit is responsible for training first responders all over the state.
“Anyone who wants to do the test will be trained,” said Capt. Tracy Fredericks of the Rescue Squad, who was at the airport to greet the unit, along with Chief Kirk Littlefield of the Fire Department.
As the island eases into the 2020 season, a traditional hallmark of which is a variety of accidents and mishaps that range from the serious to minor, Fredericks said that the local first responders had most of the equipment and tools needed to keep them safe during a rescue call.
“There are

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