No decision yet on Ballard’s

The Town Council, acting as the Board of License Commissioners, once again, declined to rule on the renewal of Shoreham Inc., doing business as Ballard’s Inn, liquor and outdoor entertainment licenses on Tuesday.All of the other liquor and entertainment licenses in town (except for the minor delay on the entertainment license for the new owner of Finn’s) were renewed on Nov. 3, but litigation surrounding the commissioners’ decision in late August to suspend Ballard’s licenses for two weeks due to incidents on the Fourth of July and Victory Day in August has delayed the process.Steven Filippi, “stockholder” of Ballard’s, immediately filed for a stay with the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation in the matter of the liquor license, and with the Superior Court for a stay on the outdoor entertainment license. Filippi prevailed at DBR and was soon back in business serving alcohol. The DBR ruled that the problems over the summer, and especially during the Reggae Festival on Victory Day, were mainly caused by the prospect of a full day of entertainment, and not by the alcohol itself.In Superior Court, the Town’s suspension of the entertainment license was upheld, at least temporarily, and further conditions were

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