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Planning Board looks over Overlook subdivision

The New Shoreham Planning Board held a Special Meeting on Tuesday, May 25, to review the application of Overlook Realty, LLC for a master plan stage review of a major subdivision of the property located off West Side Road, Plat 19, Lot 3. The proposal would subdivide Lot 3 into two lots, A and B. Attorney Brian LaPlante began by stating that they had previously met in July and October regarding this subdivision of the lot, but that there had been “lots of change since then.”
Specifically, on May 3 at the Town Financial Meeting, the voters of Block Island decided that the Town of New Shoreham will purchase one of the new lots, lot B, for $10.5 million, using $6 million from the Block Island Land Trust, The Nature Conservancy, and the Block Island Conservancy, and raising the remaining $4.5 million from taxpayers via a bond issuance. Of course, this is all contingent upon Lot 3 being subdivided.
While there are certainly other questions regarding this property, parking issues took center stage for the Planning Board. The Overlook building, located on what will become Lot A, currently has a special use permit issued in 2020 to use

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