Reflections on 2020

2020 has been a year like no other. The Block Island Times asked readers and followers of the paper to share their stories and experiences over the past year.
The following stories were edited for clarity and length.
Carey and Chris Greggila
Like many “COVID-couples” as March turned into April and May, we realized we had to cancel our wedding. We planned to get married on July 4th weekend, in Connecticut, outside on the beach. My now-husband Chris’s family was travelling from Ohio, where we live, and everyone was so excited to enjoy summer in New England and see my hometown. When we canceled, we accepted defeat, continued staying at home, baking bread, working remotely, and doing the other new hobbies and routines we’ve all found in the pandemic.
In fact, we weren’t planning on doing anything on our “old” wedding date. A few days before the holiday weekend, we looked at one another and said, “Well, we should do something.” At the last minute we followed my parents on their weekly voyage to Great Salt Pond. They’d been going every weekend, which I’d say was because of the pandemic and fresh air and the social-distanced-nature of being

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