Summer vehicle reservations to open mid March, 2021

The following announcement was posted by the Block Island Ferry on Wednesday, Nov. 11:
To our valued year-round and seasonal customers,
We would like to inform you of our plans to open for summer vehicle reservations for the 2021 season. We have decided to move the opening date back to mid-March.
By moving our date to open in March, we feel we will have more information as to how COVID-19 will impact our schedule. Hopefully, there will be no restrictions on the local Block Island economy, tourism, and travel to and from Block Island.
Our hope is to be running our typical full schedule by late June, as we have in previous years. We do not anticipate any major changes in the seasonal schedule.
The schedule updates and information regarding opening dates for reservations will be posted on our website:
We appreciate your understanding in this time of uncertainty.
Thank you,Interstate Navigation CompanyThe Block Island Ferry

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