Town urges firearms hunting be delayed a month

Due to the numbers of visitors Block Island continues to see during the 2020 shoulder season, as well as a rise in Covid-19 cases not only in Rhode Island but in states where hunters may travel from, the Block Island Town Council and the Town Manager want to put the brakes on the firearms hunting season until Dec. 1. Shotgun and muzzle-loading season officially began on Monday, Nov. 2.
The council and Dr. Tom Warcup of the Medical Center are also concerned that day trippers and new residents on the island may not be aware that there is hunting on Block Island, which also factored into the decision to try to discourage firearms hunting. Archery hunting, however, is continuing. (See page 3 for the hunting season calendar.)
The council, Warcup and Town Manager Maryanne Crawford shared their concerns at the Council meeting on Monday, Nov. 2.
With hunting delayed at the Block Island Wildlife Refuge, and hunting not taking place at Rodman’s Hollow and Black Rock until January, the only route to hunt on Block Island is to get permission from a landowner and a double sign-off from Police Chief Vin Carlone.
Crawford said on Tuesday, Nov. 3

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