Winter art classes at Spring Street Gallery

Spring Street Gallery Coordinator Paige Gaffett described artist Claire Marschak as “a fantastic painter, a really great teacher. She brings you step by step in the painting process. We are fortunate to have her on the island.”
On Sunday, Jan. 26, Marschak taught a tonal oil painting class at the Spring Street Gallery. Taken from her online portfolio: Marschak, a fine artist and designer, “is a Northeast regional oil painter of landscape, architecture, and still life subjects. As a plein air painter, she enjoys the challenge of being outside to create vibrant, spontaneous works.”
The Spring Street Gallery has been providing an Art Workshop Series for artists to teach in their mediums. During the winter, the gallery opens up its space for artists and classes, and hosts the On Island Collaborative, a new group that is promoting locally made arts and crafts, for its meetings.
“We offer winter art workshops as part of our gallery outreach. We started the classes about four years ago,” said Gaffett.
A table was set up in the Spring Street Gallery for Marschak’s class, where students gathered around to learn how to control

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