A new neighborhood takes shape

Housing Board Chair Cindy Pappas opened up the group’s most recent meeting with updates on the Cherry Hill Lane affordable housing project. The Housing Board met on Tuesday, March 9 at Town Hall.
“Work is progressing great. Bain [Transue] is moving lots of earth, so that you can actually start to see the contours of the neighborhood taking shape. The water lines are all in, and the exteriors for the three houses in the back are pretty darn close. The modular company sent a crew over to work the edges of the roofline to coordinate with the trim package we wanted – that seems to be coming along. [Contractor] Turtle [Hatfield] was selected to do the landscaping, so Turtle and Bain are coordinating on the area,” said Pappas.
“Do we have a potential closing date?” asked member Millie McGinnes.
“Mid to late April, I don’t have a fine point on it. The plumbers have done quite a bit of work on mechanicals, and water lines to the houses. Final electrical tie-ins need to be done, and flooring needs to be done. Ceiling fans have been picked out, and half are

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