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‘Block Island is my paradise’

The following was sent in by Gail Heinz, whose grandson Liam Duffy, of Briarcliff Manor, N.Y., wrote the following school essay:
In many ways, Block Island is my paradise island. The best part of Block Island is the beach. You can boogie board, surf, swim, make sand castles, have barbecues and parties, etc. There are different beaches for different people. There is Baby Beach for people that like small waves, and there is Scotch Beach for people that like big waves. Then there is Mansion Beach for people who like massive waves.
Another thing I like about Block Island is the people who live there. They are almost all nice, and a lot of my cousins live there, too. August is the only month I get to see them.
There are a lot of things I like to do. Some of them are going on a kayak trip with the whole family, play sports and games with my cousins, go out for a family dinner, go fishing with my uncle, go crabbing with my mom and sister, and it’s only a seven-mile island! 
I also love how in this paradise place everything is so close so you don’t have to drive 10 minutes to go to a restaurant. A jog around the whole island would take 10 minutes.
As you can see, this island is paradise, and it is a fun place to visit. — Liam Duffy, age 10


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