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Tourism Council juggling marketing, meager budgets, and Phase 2 protocols

First, the good news.
The 2020 version of Eben Horton’s glass float project will begin on Saturday, July 11.
This is according to Block Island Tourism Director Jessica Willi, who made the announcement at a Tourism Council meeting on Tuesday, June 1.
Otherwise, it was a continuation of marketing the island on an uncertain budget, and with the news that the governor’s office had become concerned about the communal housing situation on Block Island.
According to Willi, as the state became concerned with such virus hotspots as senior care facilities and prisons, and how to address outbreaks at those locations, the state began to cast at an eye at other potential areas of concern. That is when Block Island popped up on the state’s radar, due to the fact that workers from all over the world travel to the island for work and live off-hours in close quarters.
The Town Council, in concert with Dr. Tom Warcup and the Medical Center, has come up with a testing and quarantine plan to address these issues if a worker tested positive with COVID-19.
Willi and Tourism Board President Steve Filippi said they both had talked with Gov. Gina Raimondo’s Deputy

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