Shad Bloom 10K Road Race results

The Shad Bloom 10K Road Race was held on Saturday, May 12. According to Recreation Department Director Dave Sniffen, a total of 208 runners signed up for the race, and 167 finished. He described the conditions “as a little wet, but a lot of the runners liked the fact that it wasn’t blazing hot.”
Here are some notable results: 
Kaitlyn Loopman, of Providence, was the top female finisher (and fifth overall) at 39:51.
Steve Brightman, of Providence, was the top male finisher at 37:35. 
Here are the results for Block Island runners:
In the female 17 and under category, the top three finishers were all Block Island residents: Cora Ryan, 12, at 1:09:23; Katherine Howe, 12, at 1:09:26; Bailey Payne, age 11, at 1:11:33.
In the male 17 and under category, the top finisher was Blaize Hatfield, of Block Island, age 11, at 1:11:52.
In the female 18 to 24 category, the sixth finisher was Julia Winberg, of Block Island, at 1:08:35. 
In the male 30 to 34 category, the eighth place finisher was Matt Fastuca, of Block Island, at 56:18.
In the male 35 to 39 category, the seventh place finisher was Billy Chandler, of Block Island, at 1:00:07.
In the female 40 to 44 category, the eighth place finisher was Julie Marty, of Block Island, at 1:03:27. The eleventh place finisher was Amy Land, of Block Island, at 1:08:38.
In the male 40 to 44 category, there were three Block Island finishers in the top 16: Steve Land (fifth, at 52:57); Ray Reynolds (sixth, at 54:52); Josh Redd (eleventh, at 1:00:17). 
In the female 45 to 49 category, Augusta Rich finished fifth, at 1:07:39.
In the male 45 to 49 category, Scott Comings finished seventh, at 1:03:16. 
In the male 50 to 54 category, Mike McQueeny finished seventh at 1:00:44.
In the female 60 to 64 category, Gwyneth Wilson finished third at 2:38:02.
In the male 70 and over category, Rick Vila finished first, at 56:39.


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